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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Review: Ardell 'Fairies' False Lashes

Hi everyone :) So a few days ago I picked up some Ardell lashes from boots for £4.95. I chose Ardell as I have heard great things about them from all you beauty bloggers. 

I used to wear falsies all the time but I havent worn them for around 4 years!

I have a few pairs at home and I must confess to trying to put them on and failing so I had kind of given up on them despite really liking the glam look when they are on.

So today I had no plans so I thought hey lets give em a go!

Here are the ones I got:

Here are my natural lashes.....they are pretty long but they always look better longer right?! :)


and here they are on:

(Click picture to enlarge)

(Click picture to enlarge)

(Click picture to enlarge) In really bright natural sunlight 

(Click picture to enlarge) Extreme close up! 

Despite my rather shoddy application which is visible in the ultra close up pic I really like how they looked! 

The style is really long and pretty without being all OMG DRAG QUEEN EYES! :p

I used my normal Collection 2000 big fake mascara on my own lashes before I applied them.

Hopefully I will get better at applying them the more I wear I just have to keep them nice until next time which wont be easy as im really untidy :P 

Ardell have lots of pretty styles of lashes so im sure I will be buying more in the future.

So what do you think? Do you think the difference is dramatic or subtle? Would you wear these lashes?


P.S I am wearing Geo Angel Violet contact lenses in these pictures